I have had a hard time in the last 4 weeks or so! I was working on building a loft bed for the grandkids and tried to get off the floor and my knee did it again, dislocated! The pin in the replacement popped out behind the prosthetic joint again. So it was off to have another surgery to fix it.

I have been told that because of the number of surgeries that the ligaments are not strong enough to handle holding the replacement joint in place with weight bearing on the knee when it is bent at 90 degrees. 

So that means no climbing ladders, no getting on the ground unless there is something to help me push up on the replaced knee, and no kneeling, no weight on that knee with it bent at 90 degrees or it will dislocate again. 

Wearing a knee brace and hoping it helps strengthen the ligaments in the knee so I will eventually be able to do these things again. So it is going through all of the PT again and it will take much longer for the knee to get where it needs to be. It sucks being worried that anything you do will result in dislocating that knee and having another surgery.

Any more surgeries may result in the knee not being able to hold any weight at all and that will really be a bad thing. It is hard to get around now as it is. 

Not whining by no means, as it does no real good! This is the Inner Blocks and it is about us and our lives so this is my life. The VA told me this is therapy to write about what is happening in my life and how it feels. I guess you could say my inner blocks are all messed up right now. The rainy weather here is of no help at all. LOL.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. No big celebration here just had a day for resting and relaxing. Thinking of the cost of the freedoms we have today and what they will cost in the future.

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