We've been working alot of hours at our day jobs, and hasn't left much time to work on the homestead. But we got some thing planted.....finally 😂!!


A few herbs, some strawberries, and cantelope in some repurposed barrels. Just a few holes in the bottom for drainage and you're set! My dear wife even got me a dwarf orange tree, I've always wanted to have my own citrus trees!


When we first moved here, we got a couple truck beds of sawdust, coffee grounds from a local shop, our animal bedding, and "liquid gold" from our diverting compost toilet to male a massive pile of compost. After letting it sit for about 2 years, we used it for the garden beds, and while digging, we found some baby hickory saplings growing in the pile. We know the compost is doing its job!! 😁


It was a very productive day, and more will be planted this week. I feel great having done this much so far, and can't wait for my first harvests. Be well steemians!!