"What is history, but a fable agreed upon?”


It is true that history is always rewritten by the victors. When all is done and said, when the light shines on the victors and the moon rises on the defeated, when the books that existed are burnt to coal and when the pens of the victors are inked, suddenly the route has taken a turn and everything that was...isn't.

But that is not the only truth that is remade. That is not the only battle that fabricates reality. There is a specific truth merged to a specific battle that we celebrate when it is all done and said.

Every second of our lives that matters is derived from the experiences and lessons we learn, from every lighting of a neuron to every static from atoms colliding, it shapes our reality and makes us who we are. Somewhere between everything and nothing that is happening a truth and a lie emerges. A truth we are happy to live with, a lie we are happy to live with. A truth we do not want to deny, a lie we want to deny.

Each side of the coin, and which side we pick then becomes the timeline and set as our reality.

When we step closer on the bigger picture and all the bigger ordeals of the world, we look at the smaller picture that contains us, the real big picture. Because it is the smaller pictures that aggregate to create the really big picture which brings it all together to form the ultimate circle of life. The circle of life that contains everyone and everything.

The tiniest decision we make and the simple choice of either living with a lie or a truth shapes the entirety of our lives. It may look like a simple decision but it snowballs to become the new reality of our lives.

That is the battle that we should take a closer look at. Is it really okay to live with a lie just to please our own idea of happiness, or should we cower to the truth and agree to live with what takes our smiles away? I only bring this question up because I believe that it is the small lies that we agree to live with eventually become so big that they have a huger impact on the world. A small lie as "ah, it is just one plastic bag, it won't end the world!", when we very well know that the earth is at it's worst and we could sacrifice that tiny little convenience and have a rough walk from the store to home and contribute to helping mother Earth a little bit.

Everyday we fight a specific battle, each a little different than the next. Each day we flip the coin

A tiny lie...
A tiny truth...
Which one do you want to live with?


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