You churn in the hours,
Burn the candles at night,
Though tough, you continued to fight.
Only one thing keeps you going.

Most people around you could not understand,
They could not understand why you persist,
Why you refuse to give up,
Why you held fast and pressed on.

Many times, you failed,
But you kept rising after every fall,
You knew that the darker the berry,
The sweeter the juice.

You read inspirational books,
Listen to motivational speakers,
Choose mentors and role models,
But something is lacking, you can feel it.


Change your career path,
You were advised by family and friends,
This is not your way, they said,
You will just keep wasting your time.

You have tried to make them see,
Convincing them seems really hard,
Yet, you see it so clearly,
You belief so much in that which you are doing.

Finally the day came,
After so many years of ups and downs,
After so many failures and despairs,
Your success came!

Everyone congratulated,
Wow! We knew you could do it,
We only feared for your sanity,
We are glad you made it.

Inside you, you scoff,
Knowing that your success,
Changed their minds concerning you,
You are glad you didn't give up on you.

Defined as confidence in someone or something,
Belief is essential to every human,
For without it, we will lack motivation to succeed.
So, you say to them: believe!