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Stone House in Bali

Using debris and repurposed stone from other damaged dwellings, Mr Kantor has built his own lovely stone home in Bali. @dede99 gives us a show and tell and challenges us to rethink and explore the different materials available to us in natural & earth building.

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Lammas Eco-Village Earth Centre & Wimbush Site in South Wales

Visiting other eco-villages is a GREAT way to fee how ideas are manifested, and to learn about the challenges people have faces. @pumpkinsandcats visited the Lammas community in South Wales and has some great things to shre!

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Today's Foraging Haul

Foraging can play a big part in eco-community, depending on where it's sited. @nateonsteemit shows us his first walnut and pecan haul, and shares with us his collection and drying challenges.

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For The Love of Clay Plaster: Building A Sauna

A sauna for natural health, well being and relaxation is an AWESOME addition to an earth-built home or an eco-village! @moountainjewel has been BUSY and shows us what they're up to! INSPIRING.

Did someone say INSPIRING? (as in, breathing life in to...?)

@mountainjewel continued to blows us away with a second, highly relevant post for earth-builders and eco-community wannabes: a post about TEACHNG SKILLS.

Teaching Natural Building in the Ozarks

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My Children Talked Me Into Letting A Dozen Snakes Go In Our Garden

Diversity, kids and the whole live-n-let-live eco-village idea? @papa-pepper took that community concept up a notch when he and the kids released some hatchling snakes back into the garden. :)

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@## trucklife-family
The Importance Of Giving Our Children The Freedom To Explore

Eco-village and eco-community often has pretty diverse thoughts about schooling - or unschooling - its young people. @trucklife-family shares some interesting thoughts about giving children the freedom to explore, and to learn to trust their instincts.

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A Hitch-hiker's Story In Ireland

Eco-community doesn't always happen only between earthen walls in a pristine plot on the edge of the jungle. It might happen between two kindred eco-souls, meeting for a brief moment on a country road somewhere. @misslasvegas shares a lovely piece about hitch-hiking. Her piece invites the question of is community created, or does it just happen when it happens, for as long as it lasts?


And we closed out our week with the EXCITING NEWS that @eco-alex's 99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Freaking Awesome HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!!

It's Published And It's Free For 2 Days: 99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Freaking Awesome

If you are EVER planning to self-build, you need to read this!!

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