This weeks question is a fun one, and also meaningful! In todays cosmopolitan world there is no shortage of paid and often expensive classes, courses and workshops that can teach you anything you can imagine. University is of course the epitome of an institutional and often expensive education, but is it the best? Is 4 years of formal education really worth it, and how does it compare to learning via YouTube videos? You don't get a certificate from YouTube, but you do get one from University, but does it really matter? Is it more important to have a piece of paper, and does that improve your chances of being successful in your chosen field.

To put it another way, we could ask, is University still as important as it once was? Should we embrace technology even further to include virtual reality and augmented reality as a teaching tool as a potential replacement to classroom teaching or do we need that physical contact to really learn?

This week your answer can be from personal experience or just your own opinion. Maybe you have been to University and can share whether you think it was worth the money and time, and if it helped you in life? Maybe you have learned a skill on Youtube that you feel was better than any teacher had previously taught?! These days there are some pretty amazing people and even teachers on Youtube who are explaining certain things way better than any teacher I ever had! As a scientist I particularly enjoy watching YouTube videos from the Royal Institution Lectures on many subjects including quantum physics and biology. Whatever you have to say on the subject, we want to hear it, and feel free to share one or more of your favourite educational videos from YouTube!


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