It has been a long and physical road on my way to 'The Alpha Yeti'. I have a version of myself that I believe will be the optimal version, and I will be able to help the most people there. Not help like people need help, but more like i can fill the need that may be needed.

The idea is to maintain a hard body, soft heart, and sharp mind. That may all sound well and good, but it is all a journey. Each of those factors have their own journey. Each one takes focus and dedication. Sometimes the aspects over lap a bit. While I work on my hard body, it will impact my sharp mind. Sometimes while working on my sharp mind, it will help with my soft heart. All is a process.

Six days a week I practice yoga. I am not a yogi per se, but I believe what I am doing will connect my mind with my body, and my energy will flow. When I am calm and focused ...that is when I seem to prey the hardest and feel Gods energy flowing through me.

On my journey of sell mastery I have allowed the energy to flow and increased my ability to move. Today, Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I took time to practice together on the dock by the pond. The gentle breeze made the water move and everything felt alive. I seemed to stretch deeper and was able to hold postures longer. One of those was a wide legged forward fold. I was able to go down to my forearms, and then eventually touch the top of my head to the mat.

Stacie D wanted to encourage me to push a little harder, so later in the day I tried again inside. She said that I was all set up to raise my legs for a full headstand and took this picture. I didn't realize that I was so low and ready to go. I took a breathe...brought my knees to my elbows, and began to raise my legs....I was nearly there but psyched myself out and came out of it.

The next thing for me is to practice just putting my knees on my elbows and breathing. I know with time my legs will find their way to the ceiling for a six and a half foot head stand! That is my experience. #innerblocks #giantyoga

Be well
~The Yeti