Today was a beautiful day to have a little fun. It has been a while since I got my bow out and shot some targets. 

I used to shoot and hunt all of the time. I used to go out into the woods before the sun came up and watched the frosty forest come to ife.

That is not the case anymore. I no longer hunt. It has been over 8 years since the last time I ate meat. This time of year there is alot of talk about hunting, and I stay the course. I never tell anyone what I think they should do, and focus on loving veryone just where they are.

Now days, I still love to shoot. I love the competition. The idea that each shot could be better than the last. I even love to compete with my father in law to see who can shoot a smaller target. Today we shot at a small orange. There was juice everywhere!

I hope you are all enjoying an experience.

Be well

~The Yeti

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