I am starting today with a hot cup of coffee and some sunshine. I am on the back deck looking over some green fields and thinking.

I woke up this morning and started thinking about vlogging. I love sharing thoughts with you. Today is all about today, and that is what I am talking about.

Does everything have to be a big deal. Does everything have to be so dramatic or tragic. Do we need to create situations to make our lives feel "worth it". Are we turning everything into a big deal so that we feel our days have meaning?!

Today is always today. Sometimes we are tortured by our memories of yesterday, and sometimes we are tortured by our imaginations about tomorrow, but we only have today to work it all out. Why would we always shift the focus to the most extreme parts of today?!

Maybe we are wired that way. Maybe society has programmed us to only think that big deals are big deals. If we compared life to an atom we would recognize all of the emptiness that is inside and necessary for function. Then we might be able to enjoy the in between and see that the nothingness is just as exciting.

Be well
~The Yeti

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