When I first started using the Steem blockchain I thought it was funny that people were so committed to it. I was a full time homesteader in Southern Missouri, and was a part time social media users. Boy have the times changed.

I remember reading a post that was written by a lady, and the picture was from her visit to the gym with her husband. The guy was right in the middle of working out, but he took time to stop to work on his phone. The post was all about making time to help others no matter what. So he was taking time out of his work out to help someone that had a question about the blockchain.

When I first read it I thought that that sort of mindset was a bit too much. That maybe I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. So I jumped into the Steem ecosystem head first.

It has now been nearly two years since this journey began. In those two years my perspective toward the amount of time I spend online has certainly changed. I started out just creating content. The prices were high, and the game was all about exposure and growing your account. Over time the prices have gone down and I have moved into community creation.

I still post on the blockchain atleast once, maybe twice a day six days a week, but the focus is different. The prices are way down, and the people are still coming onboard.

My lovely bride Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I have founded a community on the Steem Blockchain that is all about encouraging individuals to live their own life. To be responsible for themselves, and to enjoy the many things that make them who they are. It is called Inner Blocks. 

Community development is very important now. With the amazing continued development that Steemit inc. is doing, I suspect that big things are coming for us all, and we want to be ready. 

There are many technical aspects to Steem that we could talk about, or we could keep it simple and talk about the aspect of bringing people together. We are still actively developing the dApp/front end that is currently https://www.theinnerblocks.com and will be becoming www.innerblocks.com when the updates are complete.

There are so many great projects and interests going on all around us, we are carving out our little piece of the ecosystem. With communities, niches are the name of the game. People are creating different communities based on the main focal point of an interest. For Inner Blocks it is about first hand content. It is about people having their own experiences. We want to create a place of life and experience. Not just a place with an endless number of tags, and bottomless amounts of content....no...we want to focus on the people and their lives. 

The concept is pretty simple. If you are experiencing anything in your real life...that is #innerblocks

If it is a recipe, we encourage not just a recipe but how it turned out when you tried it. 

If it is music, not just a song you found, but maybe a concert you went to or you have written and performed your own music.

If it is homesteading, well let's be honest, everything under homesteading would apply haha.

There are things that accompany this idea of bringing people together and encouraging them. We have also started a discord based curation bot that is operated by volunteers in the community. They are finding and curating amazing content from around the world. We are almost to 7,000 SP, and our next goal is 10,000 SP. If you are interested in supporting this project, please delegate any amount of SP to @innerblocks. You can also jump over there and check out the latest posts and updates.

There has been a weekly radio show as well. It is Inner Blocks radio every Tuesday on The Ramble. This is a great place that we have been utilizing to share information and more details about the development.

I think you get the idea, there is alot going on. So fast forward nearly two years, and here I am. We are no longer homesteading in Souther Missouri, but we are very much homesteaders at heart. We have minimized our lives, and currently help as farm hands on a hobby farm in Northern Michigan. 

I find that I have turned into that guy that is always looking to help someone to learn more. I seem to be glued to my phone, and I live on discord. I know that all of the effort will pay off one day when I am surrounded by other people that know what they are doing and share a love for what is happening. 

For me, today was no different. Stacie D ran errands and I worked around the farm. I did alot of tree trimming and got a fire going to burn it all up. It was only a matter of time before I could sit and just enjoy it.....which I did....until my phone started dinging.

So this is a peaceful shot of where I am working today. The adventure always changes and each day is different. I know that Stacie D made a post called behind the curtain, and this is kind of like that. I am not taking a selfie per se, but just a glimpse into my world. 

If you are not too shy, I would love to see where you are working also!

I hope you are enjoying our adventure so far!!

Be well

~The Yeti

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