Beautiful Scars

Somedays you just got to trust your instincts and in the perfect timing in life.
All of the possibilities that you think you can't pulled it off in life actually has a bigger blessings behind it.
Never let negativity, fears and doubt get into your system for a very long time because that is going to be your biggest obstacles in life.
That's one of the very unhealthy thing to have.

Somedays it's not about how bad luck you think you're in life.
Somedays you will just keep meeting wrong people in life but without realising it actually you have made a little changed in their life somehow and yours too .

We met all the wrong people for all the reasons why.
There were a few times , some of my friends asked me from time to time.
Why do you keep meeting people like that in life, that will end up hurting you for no reasons why?

I said, because some people just take things for granted or doesn't appreciated the little great things they already had in life but they craves for more.
Perhaps I'm a lesson for them or they are to me.

For me, it used to be a very very painful thing to lose a bestie, a friend or someone who meant everything to me because i tend to appreciated every friendship or relationship very much and letting people have the power to put me down whenever they liked to.

But after all those dramatic situations I'm really thankful and blessed that I've been through it.

You know you won't remember or learn anything if you don't feel pain right.
Those things will make you grow even better and stronger because it left a mark and a reminder in your life.
There's is this word that I've finally understood after going through all that and also listening to other people's experiences.

Beautiful Scars!

Why do you called it beautiful?
As humans we naturally strive for perfection, a face or body without scars.
Who wouldn't agree to say that scars are ugly or hideous, we would always love or dreamed to have flawless and spotless skin right?

But one things I've learned that it's okay to be imperfect with flaws & scars and called it beautiful.
Every scars tells a story,either it's bad or good it will always have something to teached us about in life.
At the end of the day, if you realised despite of all those things that made you fall,hurt, or tear apart, those are the things that you're glad that it actually happened back then.


Because if it didn't happen, you won't be that greater version of you right now. πŸ˜‰

That's why never compare your life to others because different people have different timings and situations.
Everyone is fighting in a different warzone each and everyday of their life.

Be kind, be happy and be blessed.

@gracefu is free writing againπŸ˜‚

Have a great Tuesday!

Let's be superheros! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‹

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