Relaxation Therapy

It's been a week I'm not posting anything, been away for just abit because of some preparations for today's event requested by my customer plus i was sick past 3days which was a hassle.

Then i realised i was so tensed up since last month and seems like not everything can ease that irritating feeling but perhaps helps to ease it a little just for awhile only.

Then today, while doing some last minute diy,while listening to some Chinese songs in my room.
I suddenly realised i felt so so relaxed like it's been years i never felt this since then.
This came to my mind why i loved doing my own things alone, building, creating and looking for new ideas back then.
It is indeed a really great relaxation therapy for me.
It's like focusing on one thing, putting your mind, heart and soul in doing it while all your stress and burdens just melts away naturally.
And when the results came out beautifully, it's a bonus! 😍

What is your relaxation therapy?

Have a great Tuesday ahead. 😉

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