Today @innerblocks has hit a milestone. We have topped over the 5,000 Steem Power mark and we are cruising toward the next goal of 10,000!

Some would ask what the benefit is for delegating Steem Power. It may even feel counter intuitive to what you have been doing the whole time. Believe me I know. It is so hard to earn your way to the top, and then someone else wants you to delegate it? 

Recently there has been a subtle shift in the Steem ecosystem. With the prices of Steem sliding down to 19 cents and we have all noticed that our upvotes do not seem to be going as far as they once did. Perhaps, what even used to give someone a couple of cents is now giving a dust vote.

So now, here we are, we are all earning up our Steem Power that is seemingly no good. We start to feel like we aren't even really giving back when we are upvoting. We even hear that common line "Geez, I wish my vote was worth more". 

Here is an idea. What if you found a community that had a similar vision to your own, and they were regularly curating great content just like you would. If you were to delegate your SP to that community it would make the amount of that communities upvote increase. So you would be a part of something much bigger than yourself, and you could see what your SP is doing on the platform.

I recently watched a video by @exyle talking about why he still invests in Steem tokens. I thought it was a great vlog and had alot of perspective. I caught one thing that he said regarding Steem Power. He said, the average users need about 100 sp to fully function on the block chain. That is incredible.

That would mean that if we had 100 SP in our accounts we would be able to comment, upvote, create posts etc. without being denied. So my question would be...what is the point of storing up more than 100 SP in our personal accounts?

I would encourage everyone that reads this to consider what they are doing with their Steem Power. There are many great projects and not just Inner Blocks. If you could find one that you really enjoy, I would encourage you to support that project and it's growth!

As far as @innerblocks we would welcome your delegation of any size. We currently run a curation bot via our discord server. We have taken on several curators from around the world that are looking from many different perspectives to find great first hand content. We want to encourage each individual to live their best life and develop the many "blocks" that build who they are. 

Thank you

~Inner Blocks

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