I was sitting in one night on the msp-waves when @llfarms and @whatsup were talking to @aggroed on the minnow mayor townhall about what everyone's vision for steem is and issued the challenge to the listeners to write something about it for the community.

Here it goes!.......I believe many that have found their way on the platform may only be seeing the trees, but not the entire forest. I have a few cents to add to this conversation. I think Steem means different things for many in the community. This is why there may be a lack of vision for steem in general. So here we go....this is my personal vision for steem.

My personal vision for what this place has been and will continue to be, is a place where open source educational content can take place without being taken down or erased from the world. What do I mean by this? I believe if humanity is to move toward a brighter future we must advance our technology on a rapid scale to cover humanities basic needs.

These would be Food, Clean Water, Shelter, and Energy Production. Using current technologies we could be creating innovations in the backyard and open sourcing these around the world while supporting great ideas and innovations through the steem token.

The means of self-sufficiency become easier to achieve as technologies are developed and open sourced so others may replicate them/improve on them at a rapid pace. This has been shown to me from the few challenges hosted through my Meadows and Makers podcast.

If we are able to support the backyard hacker/maker develop and show their innovations on Steem, then we have a means to create a decentralized open source engineering ecosystem.

The ultimate goal is to provide knowledge for people to take their power back at a rapid pace from the system as it currently stands.

Thank you for your time if you gave this a read!