For those of you that have been following my tales, you may remember some of the anxiety I was feeling when my teens started dating. I even wrote a cracker of a post about it; Help! I have teens who have started dating. Now I am a little more relaxed about the whole dating situation and have gained a little experience in the field I thought I would give you all a little update.


A few weeks ago my son bounded through the door in the afternoon smiling from ear to ear, a smile so bright that I hadn't seen in such a long time.

I looked at him and said, "You look like you have had a good day, mate!"

"Oh, I have!! I met a girl and she is just perfect! Smart, kind and so beautiful."

Perfect for what??? I thought to myself.


And then the next day it hit me..... Not the fact that my son had been suggesting to me that he had found "the one" but his cologne.

As I could hear him making his way downstairs this intensifying whoof of cologne jabs me right in the throat, shortly after my son stood before me dressed in his best, hair washed, body showered, teeth all shiny, smelling good.....a little too good if you know what I mean.


"I'm meeting Polika to go to the coffee shop," he stated.

I looked him up and down again and like what I saw. I had been bugging the lazy little bugger to have a shower for what felt like weeks and this girl gave him motivation enough to delve into a little self-care without being prompted....interesting!


He returned later that evening stated he was the happiest young man this side of South East Asia and declared how we will all love her when we meet her, listing off all his favorite things about her. With that smile....that smile that was like no other and gave that little warm and fuzzy love vibes one gets. It took me straight back to those feels when I was a young lady #younglovefeels.

A few weeks passed and we noticed other changes in him.

"Have you got your helmet, mate?" my husband called out to my son, who regularly would "forget" his helmet on a frequent basis no matter how many times he had had his bike taken off him as a punishment.

"Yeah, of course, Dad. Polika would be really upset if she saw I didn't use my helmet. She pulled me up on it the other night when I forgot it."

Well, I will be damned! How could she have him do all the things I have been nagging him about for so long, (all resulting in me getting an ever-increasing growth of frown lines) without her even being here?

I had to know her secret! I loved this young lady and had not even met her yet.


And then it happened.......

"Mum, I would like the whole family to meet Polika. We could go out for dinner to save you cooking." How considerate of the little fella, HA!

As we were planning which restaurant we would go to I too was planning how I was going to play this one out....after all, first impressions last and I have been known to be a little "extra" sometimes so I thought I needed to work at toning it down and play it cool......but not too cool!


Our big meet and greet night had arrived and it turns out, unlike my usual outgoing self I was a little awkward and happy to let the young lovers take the lead in hosting the evening, and boy am I glad I did because his girlfriend is so sweet and softly spoken I may have missed out on hearing this magic moment over my own non stop babbling.

"oh, Kurt, you have been biting your fingernails again. We spoke about this and you said you would stop!"


I was loving it! I had to refrain myself and keep my composure as I was dying with laughter on the inside. Part because again I had witnessed another look on my sons face that I had never seen before and partly because my inner voice was cheering "Yes! You tell him, I have been on at him forever about biting his nails!!".

After calming myself down and observing for a little while my own heart got a blast of the warm and fuzzies...She laughs at his jokes! My son not falling far from his mothers apple tree loves to think of himself as the comedian although unlike his mum he misses the target. He has his own cheerleader and it's beautiful!

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch and everybody got along so well. So now I ask myself how can I not get too attached to my sons girlfriend?? Because she can make my son do things nobody else can do lol.

Mum's of stinky teenage boys find your son a partner STAT!!

Not more moping about the house. No time spent requesting them to shower, brush their teeth and self-care, and no more wondering where your son has taken off to because if he is not with her she knows where he is and when he is returning! A sure win if you ask me!


Of course, I have insisted they take things slowly. Lord knows I am in no way ready to give my son the updated "talk" since my last writings where I showed him every google image of every penis that has a deformity from an STD confirming my "it will fall off if not protected" talk.

But I am working on that now ;)

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