HEYA Steemians in the STEEMIVERSE out there!

It's your man, @roger.remix again with another Steem-Bounty. This one is less fun than the last one, but therefore even a more important one:

Please let us all know what's your favourite tool of choice to onboard Steemians - in the smoothest (& fastest) way!
Like this we hopefully make MISSION MARS: Project Mass Onboarding are real thing! - finally :)

I've funded the Bounty myself and I hope that you help it spreading through your #resteems & #upvotes if you like the idea and understand its educational purpose. I'd also like to see you engaging through commenting which tools do you prefer & WHY?!?

To give you some examples:

* OTHERS: please name!

* ...

The beneficary of this bounty will be the brandnew @steem-o-gadget account which I've created some days ago in the course of CREATING THE BEST STEEM ONBOARDING EXPERIENCE! - and providing you with the best tools, tips & tricks. This service is run by @imagenius which is the initiator behind the #imaginetwork. Soon you'll hear and know more about it. Stay tuned!

I hope to see a lot of interaction and helpful comments on this post .. and ideally also a higher payout than the promotion budget I've spent.

If you like the idea why not showing it through a STEEM POWER delegation to @steem-o-gadget or @imagenius using the Steem Power Delegation Manager from @yabapmatt. In the very soon future we'll also distribute parts of the payouts to the stakeholders and supporters. We'll keep you posted!

Sooo.. until then STEEM ON & GO FOR THE BOUNTY!

< Info about the LAST BOUNTY! (not necessary to read!) >

Because of your GREAT FEEDBACK I decided to give away another 8 STEEM to the following Steemians...


16 x 0.5 STEEM = 8 STEEM

*> you'll all receive 0.5 STEEM extra for each of your comments which I'm gonna transfer to you asap!! So @doggodfroglog is the lucky one to have won 3 times due to his triple engagement :) You'll receive 1,5 STEEM! PAAARDEY!! 8)

Make sure to follow @roger.remix, @imagenius & @steem-o-gadget if you wanna earn more STEEM by helping the community & us to create the best #Steemxperience in the WHOLE #STEEMIVERSE

So the total payouts of the last bounty has been 28 STEEM + the extra upvotes. The 20 STEEM post bounty should have already been paid out to all the winners through @steem-bounty based on the vote percentage of my Steem profile, @roger.remix! More to come - if I have the time myself. I do my best :)
If you want to help us moderating Steem Bounties and other community threads feel free to reach out to @roger.remix through Partiko or find me on TheInnerBlocks' Discord server.


See you here or on one of our next Bounties!! STEEM ON & GET DAT BOUNTY!!!

Peace out. #Roger


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