We finally got the bath house dried in.
This is what it looked like when we posted last,

and here we are today.

The board and batten siding is really "faux" board and batten. We put 3/8" CDX plywood over the sheathing and building wrap, stained it, and then put up stained cedar fence pickets up as the battens. I think it turned out nice, and it was way cheaper that the real thing.
The large window is a re-purposed panel out of an old sliding glass door. The metal roofing is also re-purposed from a house that was being renovated.


Here you can see the first step of getting the plaster up. We stuff all the holes between bales with straw, making it as tight as possible, then put clay slip on all the bales.

Here's a closer look.

The other side of the bathhouse has the scratch coat on.

It's just cob (clay, sand, straw, and water) put on the bales and pushed into any voids. It brings the wall out to be flush with the building framing and the bale stays. The bale stays are there to keep the bale wall stable and tight.


Here's a closer look at the scratch coat.

Well, that's where we are on the exterior. We just keep plugging away. Sometime it seems like it will never get finished. Little by little has become my mantra.
I am currently working on the interior, framing up the shower, and putting up drywall.
We'll do a post on that in a few days.

Hope you guys enjoy the post.
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