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They're ferocious little things!!!! We love our bird feeder, it brings to us a whole other world that we had never really thought about getting into:

Bird identification

It's one of those things again, like the letters of the alphabet, could you imagine ever forgeting what any of our 26 charcters look like?

Identification of plants and now birds have that same effect on me... once you see the nuances, the slight (or grand) differences each type of bird or plant have, something clicks and they become just like another unforgettable charcter.

We have this bird feeder hanging from a tree right outside our dining room window, so every morning we can watch all the different kind of birds that come around. Because the window is tinted we can get reallu close to it without scarring anyone aqay. As the spring progresses more birds come around...red ones, bright blue ones, small ones and sometimes even hawks will come by to watch from a stump.

The other animals we get to see are squirrels and chipmunks there. Lazy squirrels trying to get into the bird feeder. Well maybe not so lazy, they seem to have to work hard to get to the bird seeds!

Sometimes they'll even make a project out of it:


In retrospect, I now remember seeing some squirrels hanging around an oak tree, away from the bird feeder but very close to where we stored this 5 gallon bucket full of seeds.

No wonder they seemed to have left the bird feeder alone those few day!

The obvious next step is to prep the BBQ for a nutty meat... I always wanted to try squirrel.


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