Watching your children grow up, move away to another country is not easy, to say the least. You miss the one on one conversations you used to have. You miss looking across a table and laughing while you see their eyes dancing with mischief.

I will admit I needed today badly. I have a permanent smile on my face from spending five hours outside talking nonstop with my son. Best day ever!

Life keeps us all busy, but every once in a while we should take some time to spend it with family - those who have known us for our whole lives, who have put up with us since the beginning. ~ @ecoinstant

As @ecoinstant and I spent the day together today, we started wondering about families on STEEM. If there were a top ten STEEM families, who would make the list? Can you list ten STEEM families?

This line of thought leads to wondering which of you has invited their families to STEEM, or been invited by family? Are you public about it? Do you support them? Or do you head to separate niches and avoid each other?

We then did what any good STEEM family does and made a video about it. I love how the video turned out. This video is my son and me together as we are in real life.

Tell us your story or thoughts down in the comments!

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Make someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


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