A few months ago I posted that I noticed leaf curl occurring on my Raspberry plants. Looking into what causes it has lead me to an Aphid borne virus that has infected the plant. It's not bacteria or a fungal issue but viral. Which makes treating it quite difficult.

I've cut back canes that were showing leaf curl, but seems its spreading to other stalks. And the color of their color is a concern as well. They should be a bright green. Not a shade of yellow.

Maybe it's looking real sad due to the end of the growing season for these berries soon. It expended alot of energy growing all if them. But I think it's also the virus weakening the plant.

I've noticed unwanted plants trying to invade in the space that the Raspberry bushes are growing in. It didnt used to have that problem. I think another sign the Raspberry bushes is weak.

My future plans are to cut back the canes completely down to the ground. Mulch it real good for the winter, if we got a cold winter and this plant is weak theres a chance it could be killed off when normally it would be able to fend off the cold. So adding hay and mulch should insulate it better.

If it does not come back next year I'm considering what else to grow there. I built a structure to support canes so maybe something simular to Raspberries. Something that would make use of the wire supports I made.

But honestly I hope the Raspberry Bush recovers. As the berries are quite tasty and its been a multi year project spreading out the Raspberry bush by dividing its roots every year.

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