Today Stacie D and The Yeti jump into the idea of....

Is the #innerblocks right for you?!

As The Inner Blocks continues to grow and expand, there are many questions about whether #innerblocks is right for certain content.

The answer to that is probably yes!

#innerblocks is equal to experience! We are not looking to support and promote random mass produced content, but individual experiences.

We believe that in this life we as individuals are responsible for our own well being. Our mental, physical, and spiritual health. This means that we are all responsible for the life that we live.

We want to support and encourage people as they are living their best life. Doing the very things that are their blocks( blocks are the many things that build who we are).

There are several things happening within The Inner Blocks currently. We are upgrading our dApp at The Inner Blocks We are expanding the development team and advancing on the user experience.

We are continuing to welcome new members into the community daily via The Inner Blocks Discord

We are continuing to accept delegations for continued growth. Please show your support via delegation at @theinnerblocks.

There is an amazing opportunity to claim accounts for future users using the increased RC from the delegation. We hope to continue to claim accounts and increase our ability to share this great blockchain with everyone.

Thank you for joining us today, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!



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