To some extent, both of my parents were perfectionists, each in their own different ways and such habits were entrenched into me during my childhood. It was always emphasized that we do our very best at any job we were given, and we were taught to never give up.

With that in mind, I usually try to do more than post a photo of a pretty flower and say that it is a photo I took. I try to identify the flower accurately and tell my readers a little about it. It bothers me when I can't identify a flower, at least by its common name if not the scientific name, too.

But this teeny little flower, small as it is, has bested me. I have been trying for several years to figure out what this small bloom is, but with no luck! So...

if anyone knows, please tell me in the comments!


The flowers are white, or perhaps a little off-white. The petals come out of the receptacle in an elongated, trumpet-shape before curling outward on the ends. The leaves are lance-shaped (or "lanceolate" in proper botanica terms) and grow opposite each other from the plant's stem.

I held one of the plant's stalks between my index finger and thumb, partly to steady the the little thing for the photo, and partly for size comparison. These are the the smallest little flowers I think I have ever seen!


The following photo shows the entire plant on which the flowers are blooming. It is like a miniature shrub! To get an idea of the small size, note the moss to the left, and the round acorn marked in the lower-right of the photo.


So, yes, if you know what this is, please let me know! I have spent a good bit of time examining images on BING and Google image search, and thumbing through my books of wildflowers, all with no results.

ThanksForReading--Pink.png 😊