It is wonderful having options! Life would seem like much more drudgery, otherwise! But, there comes a time when too many options can become dizzying, and yet our options on the Steem blockchain are only really beginning for this slightly-over-three year-old platform.

First, we had the issue with "too many discords, too little time" and we had to drop out of some Discords because there just wan't enough time in our lives (and brains) for all the different communities. Now, communities are not only launching new Discord servers all the time, but now they are launching their own front-ends and websites, too.

The first of these was which I thought was very cool since I have been a member of @thealliance for a over a year. Then along came another cool one:, and then launched, which seems to have triggered,, and now It is difficult to keep up with which domains are .IO, which are .COM, and which are .XYZ, but the sheer number of options are now beginning to exceed the capacity of my concentration.

Furthermore, with only FIVE hashtags possible in posts, it is now impossible for many of us to include the communities and side-chains to which we belong. I deem the first hashtag relevant to content, and often use the other four for community-tags. But now there is definitely no way to include all relevant communities on each post.

Instances.png~artwork by me, feel free to snag and use~

Yet, I am sure it is only just the beginning of all the front-end launches with their own corresponding Discord communities and tokens. Wowzers. Growth. Options. Craziness. And my brain is already full... LOL

ThanksForReading--Pink.png 😊