The last dance
occurred when all were sleeping,
Until the movements within the walls
stirred the magic
that once lay frozen.

Flickering lights
create shadows that glide across the earth
forming letters that spell out long forgotten names.

The many branches,
that rise and hold such wisdom,
become entangled as the woken seek new ways
This time of ego
manipulates and seeks to overthrow
as though it is their right to be in control.

Yet the silence brings with it a breath of change,
this quest that takes on shapes
and empowers those who re arrange,

what are the choices that we make
that lead us to the distant world within ourselves.
The shadows, the ego
they make up the many pieces
the many flavors that we seek to hide.

We hold them all
within the palm of our hands
we chose to let them govern and command
I see that reflection upon the wall
and when I wake up
I am reborn.

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