“Nobody reach the top with the fear.”



Life leads us along different paths and places us at crossroads where we often have to choose a route in a conscious, thoughtful and, above all, loved way. Because love is the main engine to take off towards a type of life that promises to be satisfactory in many important aspects: nature, awareness, peer growth, service, implementation of a project designed for years, experience, action. But, what stops the walkers of these great initiatives ... many times: fear. Fear of changes, fear of failure, fear of fear itself.

What things should be considered if the thought rushes the action of moving to live in an ecoVillage, or rural community?

Once, I read that desire is stagnant, it does not move the energies necessary to undertake great changes. However, major changes require large doses of desire, courage, fear, madness, actions and, above all, awareness. A mixture as strange as human. For this reason, it is necessary to define the last instance of the desire that has been empowered in calm waters, caressed as a soft pet and even coveted as an inner treasure that requests the attention of our mind to be taken to another spectrum of light: to other heads, to other worlds; to be taken out of our shadows and be exposed to the backlight to purge every trace of darkness.

The ego is darkness, consciousness is light; both parts of a larger whole that must be unified before taking decisive actions that would affect not only our lives, but that of many others. And, at this point, it is possible to re-concentrate and visualize the life we ​​want and that we have, the contribution that a radical change would offer to oneself, family and humanity, because a grain of sand with many others can create a Bank and millions of grains, to a beach. So, we accept that the sum of wills to create changes in the interaction between us and with nature needs a change of mentality that requires work from many sides, one of them: the experience and contribution of life in ecovillages.

And, although, unfortunately, this does not solve the dislocated current human life or greatly reverse the damage we have been causing to the planet. It is a step. And, as such, it must be given by those who are prepared to walk this kind path that augurs the fulfillment of an old desire and the action of an advanced thought that sows seeds of good, forgiveness, gratitude to recover the tree of the life.

“To win the war quickly you have to prepare it slowly.”


Does the change imply resignations?

Definitely, every change implies an accumulation of gains and losses. The balance is what would shorten the confrontation between what is left with a change in lifestyle and what is earned, what makes it sustainable and what postpones it as unlikely.

Therefore, it is important to know and recognize the real limitations. It is not, in this case, lack of desire or fear; if not, of the balance that produces resignations and potential gains, very attractive, but often irreconcilable with close family ties.

What keeps you where you are now?

It is no secret to anyone that Venezuela is experiencing one of the worst crises that its history has registered. Here, it cannot be projected, reality changes for the worse day after day. We do not live, survive and gallop on a horse that runs through its life, against hunger, malnutrition, disease, lack of exits. The abuse of power and the use of fear as weapons are frequent in the exercise of government. Corruption ends creativity, manipulates the mind so as not to see good lights on the road and ties the spirit to a type of conformism that weighs like lead. For now, I see no light at the end of this tunnel.

Do you need to be close to family or friends and do not want to miss it?

The family is the greatest wealth that any human being can amass. It is the fundamental pillar of society and the greatest and purest source of love to which we have access. However, Family is also the one we choose, with which we choose to build a common path of thoughts and actions centered on a Greater Good, a Blessing not only to accommodate our being to a space of peace and relationship with the environment. Affections and attachments are forms of love that can transcend, but it is hard to undertake. Although, I know that we are passengers and we are borrowed in this earthly plane, it is hard to surrender to the evidence that we must continue without the beings with whom we grew up and those who descended from us. However, the need is pressing and we must experience, learn and transcend. Who said fear?

“Man proposes one thing, and another Destiny.”


Are you too scared to give up everything you know and jump into the unknown?

A leap of faith is what saves the individual from remaining as a rock on the road. "The road is done on foot", in the unknown is the promise to change the status quo we suffer and which we complain about. Therefore, there should be no fear as a bra or supporter that prevents the changes that are necessary. You have to rehearse, fall, get up and never stop fighting for what you want. Of course, not to confuse "an exit" with "the exit", the ecovillages constitute an exit for a conscious way of life, but it is only that, an effort, necessary for others, just as there are and there will be many others who pursue the same finish. But it is a step and we are eager for steps to travel paths that, although not very busy, constitute a great opportunity for changes that require faith.

We may be afraid to surrender?

Fear should not be what deprives a transcendental choice. Already about to have advanced provisions, weeding paths, ideas that are visualized and dreams flying in the direction of concretion; There is nothing left but to surrender from the heart to the process. What can be a mistake? Nothing human is exempt from that, John Hobbes, told us: "Men accumulate the mistakes of their lives and create a monster they call Destiny." But, nobody says they didn't try to live what they dreamed. The reality, in the dream rests. Destiny is dark and stubborn, but we are warriors of Peace and Love married to the light, in search of hope.


By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero.


This is my participation at: ecoTrain QOTW of the week: What is stopping you from moving to the ecoVillage of tomorrow?

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